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You love taking pictures... you've spent good money on a fancy camera... you dream of shooting stunning shots... but you just need some inspiration to get motivated, or a few 'how-to' tips. You've arrived in the right place!

n TOP 10 TIPS to improve your
Landscape Photography
  • Attractively presented 10-page guide

  • Designed in PDF format

  • Instant download - FREE

  • Troubleshoot what you're doing wrong

  • General overview how you can improve

  • Compositional suggestions

  • 10 Commandments for Landscapers

Full-Colour Checklist
  • 30 topics to shoot - 1 subject each day

  • 2-page PDF format

  • Instant download - FREE

  • Great for mobile devices (e.g.Tablets) & desktop computer screens.

  • Kick-start your photography this year!


n 10 TOP TIPS Landscape Photography Checklist
  • This step-by-step guide accompanies a video tutorial on our YouTube channel.

  • 1 A4-sized page for easy printing

  • Designed in PDF format for mobile devices

  • Though more applicable to DSLR owners, it's still worth watching the video to further your understanding of this popular genre.

  • 1-page PDF format

  • Instant download - FREE

  • Resolutions are all about breaking old habits and beginning new ones. This article may challenge you, but consider it a good thing! In terms of photography, here are some really good habits you can start this year.

n 10 TOP TIPS Checklist:
How To Fix Your Shaky Shots
  • This step-by-step guide accompanies a video tutorial on our YouTube channel.

  • 1 A4-sized page for easy printing

  • Trouble-shooting guide using the process of elimination to help you get sharper shots.

How To Shoot Star Trails
  • Plan a shoot in a methodical manner

  • Achieve ultimate success in this challenging genre of photography.

  • Save you hours of time, & much frustration.

n NELSON EXPOSED 30-page eBook field guide

33 Photography Hot Spots around Nelson, New Zealand. From Cable Bay to Abel Tasman National Park, it's all here to save you petrol and time.
This is the ultimate location guide, including the driving and/or walking times required, plus interactive maps.

NELSON EXPOSED_cover_400px.jpg
n  Cape To Cape : 80-Day Traverse of the North Island | 134-page eBook

Originally published in 1997, this 134-page eBook is an engaging true story of courage, tenacity & faith. Ray Salisbury set out on a self-imposed quest to summit the seven highest peaks en route between East Cape & Cape Egmont, (on the North Island of New Zealand.)

n JUMPSTART your Photography in 30 Minutes | 28-page eBook
  • Attractively presented 28-page guide.

  • Designed in PDF format.

  • Back to basics guide to improve your knowledge of photography.

  • Topics include camera and lens types, lighting, exposure, composition and image editing.

  • Covers both the technical and artistic sides of photography.

n The Art of Composition | 21-page eBook

Take this masterclass in composition, and improve your photography today.
This 21-page guide helps you to understand what makes a "good photo."

n 10 TOP TIPS Portraits: How to Shoot People | 14-page eBook

Would you like to improve your people shots, but don't know how? Download this 14-page guide, & follow the steps. Diagrams clearly explain the Depth of Field.

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