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Feel frustrated with your pictures? Still shooting on Auto Mode but feeling guilty that you haven't had time to explore what your shiny new camera can do? Are you passionate about photography, but need some inspiration to push you to the next level? Learn photography with us...

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Location: Nelson / Tasman
Post Processing > one-to-one


Photography is a lot more creative now-a-days, but you need to know some technical stuff too.

Ray has been using Adobe Photoshop for more than two decades, and teaching it for 12 years.


You will need:

- Adobe Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements

- Your computer (desktop or laptop)

- Desire to learn and willingness to practise


Your tutor can visit your home / office, or we can arrange to meet at a cafe with laptops.


Imagine... you will now be able to fix up your photos like a pro, and even start winning those local competitions!

Photography tuition > via Skype


Live outside Nelson, or overseas? No problem. Provided you have a computer with a webcam & an Internet connection.


  • 30 minutes via Skype on your computer

  • Show me what camera settings you don't understand - I'll talk you through them

  • I'll evaluate where you are at with your photography. Get valuable critque on your photos. Gain loads of confidence.

  • See if I'm a good fit for tutoring you

  • No obligation to continue coaching.

  • FEEL GOOOD about your photography!

"I've learnt more in the first 2 hours with Ray, than what I learned in the last year, since I got my camera. I get more bang for my buck. Having someone contact me, gives me motivation. The feedback I get from Ray keeps me on track."

Rosie, coaching client, May 2016

“I really enjoyed Ray’s relaxed teaching style. The course was a good balance of learning and doing, with loads of fun in the practical sessions. My photography skills have been greatly enhanced, and I am still reveling in my new status of “most improved”.


Katie, mature student, July 2014

photography courses, photography workshops, photography tours new zealand, photography tours nz, wharariki beach
Location: Nelson / Tasman
Photography lessons > one-to-one


Just you and your mentor for a couple of hours. We meet for coffee in a comfortable venue to check out expectations, then re-visit the basics you may already know, but have long forgotten.


Topics covered will be tailored to your individual needs, but can include composition, portraiture, or just learning your camera's settings.

The choice of venue depends on your preferred style of shooting. It could be an event, an historic house, or the beach. This is where you could put into practise your new-found knowledge.


1-2 hours is a decent allocation of time without overwhelm. Subsequent lessons can be scheduled later when you feel ready.


Photography tuition > one-to-one


Know some-one keen on photography?

Do they have a birthday soon, or a Christmas present due?

Order a gift voucher from Hot Pixels Photography.

1 or 2 hours of personalised tuition to help them understand their camera settings, or improve their composition.

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