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Discover Your DSLR

Take control of your camera

Would you like to master...

n The Exposure Triangle - know how aperture, shutter & ISO work together?

n Depth of Field - understand how to get nice, blurry backgrounds?

n Metering Modes - know which ones to use for accurate exposures?

n Auto Focus Points - get sharper shots?


n High-definition video training

n Downloadable PDF guides & worksheets

n Drip-fed option with 1-2-1 tuition



Learn landscapes on location

We help you feel confident in post-processing your images & say goodbye to disappointing, amateurish snapshots.


For the discerning Intermediate photographer:

n Learn how to compose your photos

n Understand what camera settings to use

n Make your photos shine in Photoshop

Exclusive features...
p 10 Tutorials in spectacular locations - from a qualified teacher
p 10 Photoshop Tutorials - from an experienced photo editor
p RAW files - so you can follow along in Adobe Photoshop
p TRANSCRIPTS - so you can print off the step-by-step instructions
​​p Access to on-line Community - to get your photos critiqued
p 14 Behind The Scenes 'making of' movies - to inspire you

COURSES Fast-Track your photography here


​Learn at your own pace - leave the stuffy classrooms behind! You get lifetime access & a money-back guarantee. We have collated the best teaching practice from dozens of photographers world-wide, and packaged it for your convenience.

Compact Camera Course

For Point-and-shooters

Understand your camera in 30 minutes...

Back to basics guide to digital photography with just a point-and-shoot or compact camera

n Better understand your camera functions

n Choose best camera settings for general use

n Be able to transfer your photos from a camera to a computer

This course is for:

n Total novices, absolute beginners

n The technologically challenged

n Owners of point-and-shoot cameras




Behind The Scenes | FREE

Watch Ray Salisbury on a series of epic road-trips across the beautiful South Island of New Zealand.


For the discerning Intermediate photographer:

n FREE movie series to inspire you

n 14 videos with photography tips

n Still images to show you the results

Tips on how to photograph iconic locations:
p Lake Matheson, Westland
p Lake Hayes, Otago
p That Wanaka Tree, Wanaka
p Nugget Point lighthouse, Otago
​​p McLean Falls, Southland
p Moeraki Boulders, Otago
​p Aoraki / Mount Cook
p Queenstown at night
p St Bathans, Otago
​​p St Clair Beach, Dunedin
p Tunnel Beach, Dunedin
p Boulder Bank, Nelson
p Wharariki Beach, Golden Bay

The Art of Composition

Learn the fun stuff first!

Improve your photos the easy way...

n Understand what makes a 'good photo'

n Learn to compose your photos

n Know how to critique your own work

n Learn the artistic side of photography

n Videos, worksheets & exercises

n Bonus: get FREE composition eBook


n High-definition video training

n Practical Exercises

n Downloadable PDF worksheets

n 21-page eBook on Composition


Hot Pixels Academy

For serious Landscapers

9 months of 1-2-1 mentoring...

This Mentoring Program has been created for the landscape photographer who is serious about their work. If you want to improve your Landscape Photos now - without years of mucking around, or wasting time.

NOTE: Only a handful of students will be accepted into this Academy at the start of each year.

n Get lifetime access to ALL Hot Pixels courses

n Get weekly tuition via Skype and/or email

n Fast-track your scenic photography in a year

This programme is for:

n Confident intermediate-advanced amateurs

n Owners of a DSLR, tripod & Photoshop

n Persons willing to travel to shoot amazing landscapes they can sell, or hang on their wall


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