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Ray Salisbury has been shooting photos for magazines for more than two decades, as well as editing and designing a wide range of publications.


As well as winning national competitions with his landscape photos, Ray also shoots people for a local lifestyle magazine, sells stock to on-line libraries, and contributes his best images to high-end calendars. You can view his portfolio here in the GALLERY.

Are you a designer? Check out his images for commercial use at



My name is Ray - I’m a trained photographer and graphic designer living in the sunshine capital of NZ. We normally get glorious weather here in Nelson, which makes for easier landscape photography, as well as great tramping.


Though I've been snapping scenic photos for 40 years, I was usually frustrated with the quality of my images. They weren't sharp, or properly exposed, the lighting was wrong - you know the feeling?


Now I've found the solutions to these problems, I am keen to share them with you.

As a qualified and experienced art & design teacher, I am passionate about helping you improve your photography. That's why I have created these courses: so you can invest some serious time into your hobby - you deserve it!


Visit the TUITION page for more info.



Own a camera? Check. Love shooting photos? Check. But do you feel a bit embarrassed with your pictures? Would you like to improve your photography skills, impress your friends, and win some competitions? Maybe even make a bit of money from your hobby?


All you need is the motivation to succeed, and a bit of knowledge. Some folks get this from reading magazines, but most of us need some extrinsic motivation, such as accountability to a tutor, regular homework challenges, and helpful critique of our images.


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