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TOP 10 TIPS  to improve your compositions



Take this masterclass in composition, and instantly improve your photography - without understanding camera settings or getting too technical.


Learn the artistic side of photography first... you know, the fun stuff !


In this 21-page eBook...




  • How to compose your photos like a pro

  • What makes a 'good photo'

  • How to add depth to your shots

  • How to lead the viewer's eye toward your chosen focal point

  • When to use 1-Point Perspective and Symmetry in urban or natural settings to achieve a sense of balance

  • The little-known Rule of Odds

  • Ideas for cropping and framing

  • The use of Scale to show contrast

  • What an abstract photo looks like

  • The importance of eye direction

  • Why colour and texture can make or break your photographs

  • Mood is the elusive 'third dimension'




  • Full-colour guide that goes way beyond the Rule of Thirds

  • Designed in wide PDF format for tablet, mobile or desktop computers

  • Instant digital delivery via email

  • Inspiration for beginners & enthusiasts

  • A refresher for professionals

  • Clear explanations of the principles of good composition

  • 60-day money-back guarantee


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Free E-Book Landscapes by Ray Salisbury of Hot Pixels Photography
Free E-Book Landscapes by Ray Salisbury of Hot Pixels Photography
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