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Say goodbye to good enough


Are you tired to taking photos that don't turn out that great? Your shots are disappointing, or at best, they look average.


For example, your subject is squinting into the light; there are harsh shadows on their face; the background is too distracting...


Good news: it's easy to fix these problems. You just need a few tips to try out.


Enter the eBook... a 14-page PDF guide which will inspire and educate you in the basics of portraiture. Apply these techniques when photographing your family or friends.


Say goodbye to harshly-lit faces and awkward poses. Say hello to professional-looking portraits you are proud of.

TOP 10 TIPS to improve your photos of PEOPLE


In under 30 minutes, learn how to:

  • Blur background - so the subject stands out

  • Understand depth of field - create nice bokeh

  • Shoot in the sunlight - but avoid nasty shadows

  • Control your camera - get sharper shots

  • Topics include: Planning, Location, Lenses, Lighting, Eyes, Camera Settings, Angles, Working with models, and Depth of Field


This guide is for YOU, if:

  • You own a DSLR, or a camera & lens with a decent aperture range (f/4 or below)

  • You want to improve your shots of people

  • You want to sell you work

  • You struggle to get good outdoor lighting

  • 60-day money-back guarantee


Get 50% off the usual value at the check-out page.


Just click the hyperlink below

and use the coupon code: bokeh

Free E-Book Landscapes by Ray Salisbury of Hot Pixels Photography
Free E-Book Landscapes by Ray Salisbury of Hot Pixels Photography
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