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"Only those who risk going too far, can know how far to go" [ T.S. Elliot ]

Back story: I was visiting our capital city, Wellington, for a cousin's funeral. I rented a car and drove north to the remote rural outpost that is Castlepoint.

The lighthouse here is well-photographed, usually from a prominent lookout point. I spent hours there clicking off frames as the daylight morphed into darkness. Strong wind gusts had me having to hold the tripod down.

Some of the photos were okay, but I decided to camp overnight, and see what the morning would bring. Before I retreated to my nylon world of down and polar-fleece, I locked my DSLR down on a tripod to shoot star trails.

At first light, I stumbled out of my tiny yellow tent, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I retrieved my DSLR. The last battery was flat. Sigh.

I put the bat flattery into a warm pocket, massaging it back into life. Amazingly, this worked, and gave me enough power to fire off a single shot. Here it is.

Castlepoint Lighthouse, NZ

[ If camera settings are still confusing, enroll in my Discover Your DSLR course ]

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