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Location: Nelson
Photography course for beginners
DATES: Check the calendar for courses.
VENUE: Founders Park

ADDRESS: Atawhai Drive, Nelson (see map)

TIME: 9am - 12 noon. Please be prompt.

NUMBERS: Class can only run with a minimum of 3 students. Bring your friends!


We meet you at the Reception desk inside the windmill. After introductions, the theory module is undertaken in the Jaycee Room. After a morning tea break at the Founders Cafe, we venture outside to practise photographing a model. You will learn lots about light and camera settings.



These short photography courses are designed to enable folks to improve their photography.
They are not overly technical or comprehensive,
but aimed at helping novices gain understanding of what their camera can do, and what they can do.

"I now feel that I can find various settings on my camera that I did not know about before I started this course ...It has given me confidence to better use my camera & perhaps even look at upgrading it some time in the future."


Photography student

August 2014

     INFORMATION what to bring


1. Camera: DSLR or compact 'point & shoot' cameras are okay, especially if they have Aperture & Shutter Priority modes. If in doubt, email us.

2. Lenses (if it's a DSLR)

3. Tripod (if you have one)

4. Spare batteries, or charger

5. Memory cards

6. Money for morning tea

7. Glasses (if your're short sighted)

8. Pen


During the photography course this morning, don't be shy in asking for further explanations. Your tutor is a qualified teacher, and is there to help you. Learn photography skills with us - you won't regret it.

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