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learn the artistic side of photography first



Are you unhappy with your photos? Do you struggle to understand camera settings?
Get confused with the technical jargon?


Bypass these issues ... learn the fun stuff! In this course you will:


  • Understand what makes a 'good photo'

  • Learn to compose your photos with clear intent, not randomly

  • Know how to critique your own work

  • Learn the artistic side of photography; Once you've got this mastered, then learn all that left-brained stuff

This short course features:


  • Video training & downloadable audio

  • 4 hours of practical exercises

  • Quiz - to test your recall

  • 4 printable worksheets

  • 21-page eBook, worth $15.00

  • Free entry to FaceBook Community to get your photos critiqued


Learn at your own pace - leave the stuffy classrooms behind! You get lifetime access, and a money-back guarantee..


Sign up here to get a 25% discount - that's only US$30:00 - this is very cheap compared to many seminars or institutional courses you will have attended.

[Note: These coupons are limited; when these are used up, the price returns to it's premium value of US$39.00.]

Just click the red button below & sign in to my platform hosted at


Here's what one student said:


"Great Course! I thought he made it fun and interesting, I never got bored.
I learned what I expected to learn, and he gave some great tips that I can't wait to use.
Thank you Hot Pixels!"
[Kristen Schluter]


"Excellent course. Comprehensive and very informative with a little bit of humour.
Ray has a unique method of presentation that keeps you coming back for more."

[Tim Blake]

Free E-Book Landscapes by Ray Salisbury of Hot Pixels Photography
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