The iconic Boat Shed Cafe cantilevers over the waters of Nelson Haven. Using buildings within landscape photos does not follow the purist ethic, but makes for interesting compositions.


Passing Time:

The image below is an example of an advanced technique called Time Blending.

  • The sunset sky was shot 10-20 minutes after sundown, when the colours are most vibrant during the Blue Hour.

  • The remainder of the photo was shot an hour later, when it was dark enough to see the light trails and restaurant lighting.

For this shoot to succeed, I had to:

  1. Lock the camera down on a sturdy tripod, so both images would be aligned.

  2. Fire the shutter with a cable release, so I didn't bump the camera.

  3. Time the sunset with full tide, AND rush hour traffic.

  4. Shoot the second image when there was a steady stream of vehicles travelling in both directions - to get red tail lights AND white headlights.

Stacking the best two images together in Adobe Photoshop, this montage then involved tricky Luminosity Masking... to get the best of both worlds: Blue hour and Night-time.



Our Western eyes are trained to read from left to right. We also begin from the bottom of a photo, scanning the foreground first, then looking upward to take in the scene.
Here, I have utilised the stairwell, the chained seawall, and traffic lights as Lead-in Lines.

Settings: Aperture: f/8 | Shutter Speed: 15 seconds | ISO: 1000 | Focal length: 17mm
Canon 5D Mark II.
[ If camera settings are still confusing, enroll in my Discover Your DSLR course ]


But wait... there's more:


I returned this year to film a tutorial here, and captured a colourful cloudy sky. Using my new NiSi Filter Kit, I was able to darken the sky with a soft ND Grad, and flatten the water with a 6-stop ND filter. Again, I blended the two best shots in Photoshop.



Placing the horizon on the Rule of Thirds makes use of the foreground as Lead-in Lines. A 'landscape orientation' allows more room for the light trails.

Follow Ray's full video tutorial on YouTube:

TIME BLENDING | Boatshed Cafe, Nelson | LOCATIONZ episode 11


[ If camera settings are still confusing, enroll in my Discover Your DSLR course ]


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