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Discover Your DSLR


Would you like to...

n Feel empowered & get more confident with your camera?

n Fulfill your potential as a photographer?

n Impress your family & friends with stunning images?

n Say goodbye to disappointing, out-of-focus snapshots?

"What camera settings do I use?"

​Would you like to understand...

n The Exposure Triangle - know how aperture, shutter & ISO work together?

n Depth of Field - understand how to get nice, blurry backgrounds?

n Metering Modes - know which ones to use for accurate exposures?

n Auto Focus Points - so you get sharper shots?

Have you fluffed about on the Internet, searching for solutions?

It's a jungle out there, and information overload is crippling.
And life gets in the way.

You've spent a load of cash on that shiny, new DSLR...'s the time to invest in YOURSELF.

You really only have two options...

OPTION 1 : Teach yourself. Waste years looking for free stuff on the Internet, or going to random photography workshops where your learning is, at best, erratic.

OPTION 2 : To save you time and frustration, we have sourced and collated the very best teaching practice from dozens of photographers world-wide, and packaged it for your convenience into one solution - at your finger tips.

Here's the answer. No magic bullet, just a proven path to success.

Not just a talking head!

Alongside the high-definition video training...

n Each lesson is reinforced for varied learning styles

n Download beautifully-designed PDF guides

n Download print-able worksheets.

n Do Ray's quirky quizzes to test your memory recall.




exclusive features

n VIDEO TRAINING : from an experienced & qualified teacher

n DIGITAL ANIMATIONS : to visually illustrate how your DSLR works

n PRACTICAL EXERCISES : apply key concepts so you don't forget

n DOWNLOADABLE PDFs : beautifully designed guides to keep for reference

n PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS: clear instructions to customise your camera settings

n MULTI-CHOICE QUIZZES : test your memory recall

n ON-LINE COMMUNITY : rub shoulders with like-minded students

n SKYPE COACHING CALLS: get one-to-one tuition on whatever you're struggling with

n ACCOUNTABILITY : weekly emails & set deadlines & keep you motivated

What others are saying...



I think this course will go a long way in helping beginners gain more confidence in their photography.


The course is a very good place for a beginner to start.

Many of the subject items have PDF files which can be printed out to help with some of the exercises. These make it much easier to follow along, help reinforce the subject taught in the videos.



I have really enjoyed the course. I like the pace of your presentation and the combo of video and pdf works well. I like the mini quizzes at the end of each session. I also like the analogies you use.

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Think for a moment...

How much would you pay to cut years off your photographic journey?

What would it cost you for a photography class at your local polytechnic?

What would they charge you for a weekend photography workshop?

USD $99



p Video Training
p Practical Exercises
p Printable Worksheets
p Downloadable PDF guides
p Multi-choice Quizzes
p Access to on-line Community




Our goal is to help 1000s of aspiring photographers fast-track their photo skills. If you enroll in a Hot Pixels course, give it an honest effort, but it doesn't work for you, let us know within 30 days, and we will refund your money. No hard feelings, no questions asked.

NOTE: Prices are listed in US Dollars to cater for a world-wide audience. More than 25,000 students from 169 countries have enrolled in Hot Pixels courses.



Here's exactly what to do:

p Take Action - put off procrastination! Click on the big button below to enroll
p Sign Up - at the Hot Pixels photography school
p Create An Account - pay via Credit Card or PayPal or redeem a coupon
p Enjoy - get started discovering your DSLR
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