How big should the main subject in your photos be?

Deep in the wild heart of northern Kahurangi National Park is a subalpine tableland that rises to 870m. Mackay Downs features numerous granite tors which punctuate peat-filled valleys of tussock. Home to Powelliphanta...

In mid-winter, we traveled down the interminable Pipiriki Road to the muddy Whanganui River. On the return trip, we arrived back at the road saddle, where this stunning landscape presented itself. Mount Ruapehu (2,797m) is the highest hill in the North Island, presidin...

The premium tourist town of New Zealand, Queenstown is arguably the most picturesque place for landscape photographers. But great shots don't usually come without effort and a bit of prior planning. To gain this premium viewpoint above the city, most folks pay for the...

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