Should photographers promote the wilderness?

This to-die-for destination is a three-act drama: the glacier, the lake, and the hut.

Erected in 1970 for meteorological research, the hut is perched precariously on a prime piece of real estate above the headwaters of the wil...

New Year’s Eve was biting at my heels. Queenstown was the last place I wanted to be on December 31st. The Hills beckoned beyond the tinsel town, so I boarded the Skyline gondola for my escapade.

Once past the Skyline Restaurant, punching through the thin veneer of amu...

Waterfalls are common subjects for photographers, but are notoriously challenging to capture. The high dynamic range of white water contrasting with dark, shadowy surrounds is difficult to capture at the best of times. In harsh sunlight, it's virtually impossible. Add...

Located on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island, the Moeraki Boulders are a tourist magnet, particularly at sunrise. Visit during the warmer months of summer, and you will be jostling in a crowd. But in winter you can sleep in til 6am, and still be first on the...

Photographs are merely two-dimensional representations of a 3D reality.

To create the illusion of depth, we can layer the subject matter to overlap, implying that the foreground object is in front of an object in the background. Employing the vertical format (called Por...

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