To reach this landmark lighthouse requires a tedious gravel bash of seven kilometres. The pounding of hardened leather boots on unstable rocks had my feet screaming blue murder. Two hours elapsed before I arrived at the 18m-high structure, looming over Nelson Haven lik...

The iconic Boat Shed Cafe cantilevers over the waters of Nelson Haven. Using buildings within landscape photos does not follow the purist ethic, but makes for interesting compositions.

Passing Time:

The image below is an example of an advanced technique called Time...

Sometimes the most interesting landscape shots are a combination of several critical factors; a perfect storm coming together at the right time. Call it serendipity if you like, or attribute it to careful planning and research.

Here, I needed low tide to access the beac...

Confession time. I am NOT a morning person. It takes a lot of commitment to set that alarm clock for 5am. But it pays big-time, when you score a stunning sunrise photo.

This image was taken on the way home from a failed photo shoot, as a Plan B.
Having already scouted...

My challenge was to get close enough to eliminate distracting objects. Sometimes there were too many interesting items together. Composition was key, as I made minor adjustments to my position to get the right angle.

Isn't photography is all about recording beauty, or making images which are 'aesthetically pleasing.'

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