There are two ways to approach planning your photography trips:

Book accommodation well in advance, and accept whatever happens with the weather, good or bad.

  1. Go during winter when there are less tourists. Then you can book accommodation the day before, and travel...

To reach this landmark lighthouse requires a tedious gravel bash of seven kilometres. The pounding of hardened leather boots on unstable rocks had my feet screaming blue murder. Two hours elapsed before I arrived at the 18m-high structure, looming over Nelson Haven lik...

At the bottom of the world; the ends of the earth, really, lies this magic landmark.

Situated near the southernmost point of New Zealand's South Island, this remote headland is named for the dozen rock stacks that defiantly rise above the pounding Pacific.

Above, a relat...

Whoah! It's a double rainbow, all the way across the sky ...but what does this mean? Ha - this is a direct reference to a viral video on YouTube. Have a laugh and a half here:

the Double Rainbow dude - 43 Million Views

My wife and I recently spent 3 days visiting the re...

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