Located on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island, the Moeraki Boulders are a tourist magnet, particularly at sunrise. Visit during the warmer months of summer, and you will be jostling in a crowd. But in winter you can sleep in til 6am, and still be first on the...

The iconic Boat Shed Cafe cantilevers over the waters of Nelson Haven. Using buildings within landscape photos does not follow the purist ethic, but makes for interesting compositions.

Passing Time:

The image below is an example of an advanced technique called Time...

The premium tourist town of New Zealand, Queenstown is arguably the most picturesque place for landscape photographers. But great shots don't usually come without effort and a bit of prior planning. To gain this premium viewpoint above the city, most folks pay for the...

Sometimes the most interesting landscape shots are a combination of several critical factors; a perfect storm coming together at the right time. Call it serendipity if you like, or attribute it to careful planning and research.

Here, I needed low tide to access the beac...

Photographs are merely two-dimensional representations of a 3D reality.

To create the illusion of depth, we can layer the subject matter to overlap, implying that the foreground object is in front of an object in the background. Employing the vertical format (called Por...

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